Capsule Enteroscopy Preparation


  1. Please stop taking your iron supplements three days prior to the test. Please avoid salad and raw vegetables the day before the test. Nothing to eat or drink after 10pm the night before the test. NO medications the morning of the test. Follow the enclosed bowl prep instructions**. If your prep came with tablets, you may discard them and only drink the solution.
  2. Please shave any excess hair from the abdominal area at least 6 inches above and 6 inches before the navel. No lotions, creams, or powders on your abdomen the day of the test.
  3. Please wear pants with an elastic waistband (jogging pants, stretch pants, etc.) as well as a loose fitting shirt, once the recorder belt is placed you will be unable to tuck in your shirt.
  4. Please arrive at the office located at 28963 Little Mack, Suite 101, in St. Clair Shores at either 8:00am or 8:30am as directed by the scheduler.
  5. The sensory array, recorder, and belt will be applied and you will be asked to ingest the capsule with a solution of 2 drops of liquid gas-x and a small amount of water.
  6. After ingesting the capsule, please notify us immediately at (586) 447-0700 ext. 372 if any abdominal pain, nausea, or vomiting occur.
  7. After you ingest the capsule you should avoid any strenuous activity, bending, and stooping.
  8. After ingesting the capsule and until it has been excreted, avoid any source of powerful electromagnetic fields such as MRI machines.
  9. Do not remove the belt for any reason.
  1. After you ingest the capsule you will continue nothing to eat or drink for the first 2 hours. Then follow the instructions given to you by the technician.
  2. Please monitor the blue flashing light on top of the recorder, this light tells you that the test is functioning properly. If this light should stop flashing or change to orange you may have passed the capsule. Please call our office for further instructions if this occurs.
  3. You will return to our office when instructed by the technician to have the equipment removed.

**Bowel Prep Instructions

  1. The day before the test you have only clear liquids for dinner (nothing red or purple). This includes:
    1. Clear broth (chicken, beef, vegetable)
    2. Pop (including Pepsi, Coke, etc.)
    3. Coffee or Tea (no cream)
    4. Fruit juice (no pulp)
    5. Water
    6. Popsicles or Fruit Ices
    7. Jello
    8. Gatorade
  2. The day before the test, in the morning, mix the liquid laxative as directed on the kit, refrigerating for use that evening. Remember, you will only drink 2 liters of the solution.
  3. Starting at 8pm on the day before the test, you should drink the laxative solution until all 2 liters are gone.
  4. You are to have nothing to eat or drink from 10pm the night before the test, not even water. Plan on arriving for your appointment the next morning without taking your regular medications, eating or drinking.
  5. All testing will be done at our office: GI Medicine Associates, 28963 Little Mack, Suite 101, Saint Clair Shores, MI 48081.