Effective January 1, 2015, a No-Show fee of $25 will be charged to patients who fail to appear for scheduled appointments.

Effective May 5, 2014, GI Medicine Associates began collecting all copays due and previous balances owed on account prior to your appointment with the physician or nurse practitioner.  If you are unable to pay at the time of your visit, we will gladly reschedule your appointment.

Learn About Your Colonoscopy

Are you considering, or scheduled to undergo, a colonoscopy? Watch this video to get informed about the procedure and it's benefits.

Preparing for an Upper GI Endoscopy

An Upper GI endoscopy is a procedure performed by a gastroenterologist, who uses the endoscope to diagnose and, in some cases, treat problems of the upper digestive system.

A new video is available that provides you with a great overview on how preparing for an Upper GI Endoscopy.

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GI Medicine Associates offers the following conveniently located offices:

Central Phone (586) 447-0700

Main Office
28963 Little Mack, #101
St. Clair Shores, Michigan 48081

North Macomb Office
17900 23 Mile Road, #304
Macomb Township, Michigan 48044

Shelby Township Office
50505 Schoenherr Road, #250 
Shelby Township, Michigan 48315


Welcome to GI Medicine Associates Print E-mail

Welcome to GIMedicine.com, home of GI Medicine Associates, P.C., St. Clair Shores, Michigan.

GI Medicine Associates is dedicated to providing patients the most advanced diagnostic and treatment options available for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the liver and the pancreas.

GI Medicine Associates Main OfficeGI Medicine Associates is the largest and most prominent gastroenterology practice in Northeast Metropolitan Detroit. Its development began in 1970 with two physicians and has expanded to a practice of nine physicians, four nurse practitioners, one physician's assistant and a staff of 38.

The physicians of GI Medicine Associates are Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology. They are medical specialists in adult medicine who have received in depth training in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the liver and the pancreas.

Gastroenterologists are trained in a variety of diagnostic tests, many of these are called endoscopies and involve examination of the inside of the digestive system using flexible scopes without the need for surgery.

GI Medicine Associates Patient LobbyGI Medicine Associates physicians have developed expertise in special areas of gastroenterology. We have become a preferred referral source of patients with gastrointestinal problems from the medical community in the area. Services include:

  • Diagnosis and management of patients with diseases of the digestive system.
  • Diagnosis and management of patients with disorders of the liver (hepatology).
  • Diagnosis and management of patients with disorders of the pancreas.
  • Diagnosis and management of patients with gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD) (esophageal manometry, dilation and Endoscopy treatment).
  • Endoscopy of the Upper Gastrointestinal Tract (gastroscopy, enteroscopy).
  • Endoscopy of the Colon (colonoscopy, polypectomy).
  • Endoscopy of the Biliary Tree and Pancreas (E.R.C.P.).
  • Advanced Therapeutic ERCP (stone extraction, stent placement).
  • Endoscopic Ultrasound (E.U.S.) and Endoscopic Ultrasound guided FNA.
  • Motility Studies of the Esophagus.
  • Capsule Endoscopy for Evaluation of the Small Bowel.
Examination Room
GI Medicine Associates' main office is located on Little Mack near 12 Mile Road in St. Clair Shores, close to major crossroads and the I-94 freeway. GI Medicine Associates occupies the west wing and the Eastside Endoscopy Center, a free standing endoscopy ambulatory facility, occupies the east wing.

We now have a second location in Macomb Township located on the south side of 23 Mile Road, just west of Romeo Plank Road. The Eastside Endoscopy Center also has a second facility in Macomb Township as well, in the St. John Hospital Macomb Township Facility.



Phone Menu Changes

We have recently changed our phone Menu to better server you. Below is the message and new options that will heard. These changes should assist in more quickly addressing your requests. 

Our menu options have recently been updated, please listen carefully before choosing:

  • If you are calling regarding procedure scheduling please press 1
  • If you are calling from a doctor’s office please press 2
  • If you are calling regarding your colonoscopy prep, please contact the Colon Prep Center at 800-349-0285
  • If you are calling regarding a prescription, please press 3
  • If you are calling for an appointment or to speak to a receptionist please press 4
  • If you are calling regarding a billing questions, please press 5, or extension 625
  • If you are calling for location information, please press 6

Thank you for your patience through these changes, Karen

Karen Hopman

Thank You!

articlesPress Ganey Associates has reported that our efforts to improve the quality of our patient care are paying off! Significant statistical improvement was recorded in our Medical Practice Patient Satisfaction scores for "Likelihood to Recommend".

Thank you for choosing GI Medicine Associates. Let us know how we are doing. We care what you think!